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Billy Hickey
— How We Were

In March 2020, as New York City, USA began shutting down due to the spread of Covid-19, Billy Hickey moved back home to be with his family in Arlington, Massachusetts. Soon afterward, his sister Alex, a nurse, tested positive for the virus. Billy began documenting their experience as Alex, their parents, and himself were confined between the walls of their family home. What resulted is the story of a family reunited in quarantine – a story of love, togetherness, and the quirky, mundane moments of daily life set to the backdrop of a global pandemic. This is the story of How We Were.

As the days of the first phase of quarantine and it’s confined togetherness drift further and further into the past, the photographer’s family still see each other often, but moments of complete togetherness occur less frequently. The photographs are already becoming a time capsule of a strange time in the world, one that the photographer was fortunate enough to spend with best friends. Years from now, he hopes they can look through these photographs, these memories, and see what it was like for their family to reunite as adults later in life, and remember how they were.


Billy Hickey, born in 1990, is a documentary and conservation photographer from Arlington, Massachusetts, USA. Hickey graduated from the International Center of Photography in June 2020 and is currently pursuing stories around New England, USA, focusing on the environment, wildlife, and the intersections between humans and nature.

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