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Caroline Heinecke –

Master of Things – A Collection of Political Kitsch


By collecting and exhibiting objects, one gains a sense of orientation and can indulge passions as well as vanity and the striving for power. Objects have always been selected and accumulated and information has always been collected for exchange and as a basis for decisions. This work is dedicated to those collections that are not about usefulness, but whose motives may not be obvious at first glance. Through the mysteriousness of her intention, the collector becomes an object, just like her treasures – an object of our perception and amazement. 

Leni Saripova began her collection of politically motivated kitsch in 2013. She found the first objects while on vacation, then later on the Internet. At first, she collected them just for fun, but this soon evolved into an exploration for objects which said something about society. On the one hand, the objects function as comments by individuals about authoritarian rulers or politicians, while on the other, social structures such as gender norms and sexism can be recognized.

Leni Saripova sees her collection as an archive, which will only enhance over time, and best to be revisited in the decades to come.


Caroline Heinecke, born in 1986, is a still life photographer, originally from southern Harz Mountains in central Germany. Currently based in Berlin, she is studying at Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie, working on personal artistic projects as well as on assignment for magazines and institutions. In one of her current projects, Heinecke has dedicated herself to curious private collections.

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