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Delia Friemel
— Dirty Dishes

There is a house in the forest, where everybody is welcome, but everyone is a stranger. 

An old restaurant in the Harz National Park, Germany, suddenly became a home for a group of artists, musicians, and travelers; different characters who usually live on the road, who were passing through, traveling, always on the move, were now forced to come to a standstill because of the pandemic. This lifestyle is built upon freedom of movement, social life, and access to public spaces, all of which are now massively limited. Most of these individuals ended up together by chance, looking for a safe place to stay during the lockdown. 

Building a community from scratch raises a lot of questions: How do we want to live? Who is responsible for what? How can we create a community where everyone is equal? In this microcosm of society lies a potential, a new opportunity to build a home, though it is unclear how long it will last, as many are not here to stay for the long term. The people here are living in a state between security and impermanence, just like a house of cards. 

They come together, share a space, they sing and cook and fight. Step by step, they are getting to know each other, connecting, creating friendships. 

But nobody is doing the dishes. 

Delia Friemel, born in 1996 in Munich, Germany is a photographer currently living and working in Berlin. She is studying photography at Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie and will graduate in May 2021. Parts of her work were exhibitedin the group exhibition Fernwärme in 2019 and Tag ein, Tag aus in October 2020. Furthermore, Friemel was a finalist in the scholarship program Der neue BFF-Förderpreis 2020. With her main in-terest circling around people and theirstories, portraiture is an essential part of her work.

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