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Jonas Berndt

fine, thanks

For Jonas Berndt, self-isolation during the lockdown meant to reduce his social contacts almost completely. “Danke, gut” translates as “fine, thanks,” or “I’m good,” in response to probably one of the most frequently asked questions in times of the pandemic.

To avoid the feeling of emptiness, Jonas started working on a diary, with the goal to shoot at least one valid picture every day as a “diary entry”. This purpose led him for miles through the streets of Berlin. To him, it seemed as if the world had stopped moving – but had it really? While walking, Jonas looked for signs of behavioral changes caused by the lockdown, while everybody was waiting to return to their normal routines. Some days were humorous, others more serious. The result of his work is a chronological series consisting of 82 pictures from the first day of self-isolation until the slow relaxing of social distancing.

Jonas Berndt is a Berlin-based photographer. He was born in 1998 in Radebeul, Germany. After finishing school, Berndt trained and worked as a graphic designer in Dresden. Currently he is studying photography at Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie in Berlin.

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