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Jordana Btp

  Girls Can't Skate

Girls Can’t Skate is a photographic document spotlighting an all-female skateboarding community in New York City, USA. It explores the subjects’ passion, resilience, and interconnectedness with each other, and celebrates female empowerment in contrast to machismo culture and normalized violence against
women that plagues much of the world, including the artist’s native Mexico. These women challenge the barriers of the traditionally male-dominated sport, joining the global movement of female empowerment at a trying time for New York amid the Covid-19 pandemic and at a historic moment for skateboarding, which will be part of the upcoming Olympic Games. Photojournalist Jordana Btp captures the strong characters and documents the subjects navigating the city’s skateboarding
subculture in locations like the Lower East Side’s Les Coleman Skatepark, the Bronx’ River Avenue Skatepark, and Brooklyn’s 
Girls McCarren and Substance Skatepark in New York, USA.


Jordana Btp, currently based in New York, is a freelance documentary photographer born in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico in 1987. Btp is a graduate of ICP’s DocumentaryPractice and Visual Journalism Programand spent years working as a professional photographer in Mexico City. Her work focuses on women’s issues, gender inequality, and contemporary youth subcultures such as the all-female skateboarding community in New York City. Btp aims to amplify the voices of non-binary and women through her photography.

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