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Lucía Vázquez 


A crowded Midtown corner on a weekday at 5 pm below a forest-green scaffold; a man making a cultural and fashion statement at Union Square Park at night; a gentleman wearing a bowler hat on 34th Street and 6th Avenue on an autumn day; a hurried morning on the Q train heading downtown; a cool teenager waiting for her girlfriends by the stairs of Bryant Park; a man lying on the ground one chilly afternoon outside Macy’s at Herald Square.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic shut down New York City, USA in mid-March 2020, scenes like these were the norm; wherever one looked, something or someone extraordinary — or so ordinary as to become fascinating — called to be captured.

This project began in September 2019 as a street photography journal of Manhattan: walking the island’s busiest spots, from the Upper East Side to the Financial District, from Hell’s Kitchen to Tribeca, from Murray Hill to Hudson Yards, documenting the people, the life, and the beat of this “concrete jungle where dreams are made of.” Months after the outbreak, these snapshots became traces of what was, what we are missing, what we lost, and, above all, why we love New York City.

Anker Lucia

Lucía Vázquez was born in 1993. She is a journalist and photographer from Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she is currently based. Vázquez graduated from Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina in 2015 and from the Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism Program at the International Center of Photography in New York in 2020, where she was awarded The Wall Street Journal Scholarship. Specialized in documentary work, particularly on women’s issues and travel stories, Vázquez has published a dozen articles with text and photos in magazines in Argentina.

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