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Luca Jardim – Iporanga

Iporanga is the name of a beach located in Guarujá, 70 miles from São Paulo, Brazil. Even though the beach is a public space, the entrance, located two miles from the beach, is limited and controlled by the security guards of a gated community. Due to the pandemic, access was closed for two months.

Iporanga is surrounded by a community of big holiday houses owned by wealthy families and built inside of one of the remaining pieces of Atlantic Forest. An area inhabited by wildlife, nature, cobbled streets, surveillance cameras, domestic workers, security guards, and imported cars. It became a refuge for many privileged families, including the photographers, who chose to quarantine there during the Covid-19 pandemic. The documentary project Iporanga shows Luca’s experience living in this time and space of privilege during the pandemic.

The view of the sea gets so much more interesting and desirable while the access to the beach is closed. The infinite back and forth of the waves seems to create the perfect moving image of the endless and repetitive quarantine days.

Luca Jardim is a visual storyteller currently based in São Paulo, Brazil, where he was born in 1992. After graduating in business management, he worked as a financial analyst, operations analyst, and marketing coordinator. In 2019, Jardim left his job in finance to study Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism at the International Center of Photography in New York, USA. Jardim has since been documenting stories that reflect human existential conflicts as well as his own personal journey.

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