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Natalia Kepesz


Being a single mother of a daughter going through puberty is
not an easy task, not only in the spring of 2020. No school, no friends,

too much free time and the roof falls in on us.
The solution can be found outdoors. Nature coming to life at
this time of the year, which usually remains overlooked, might

turn out to be the most exciting experience this spring. Fortu-
nately, there are a lot of green spaces around Berlin where you

can easily escape. Lingering outside for long periods of time and

witnessing every little change becomes a daily ritual. And sud-
denly you have time to not only watch the awakening of nature,

which remains unaffected by what is happening in the world,
but also the coming of age of your daughter...

In her black and white photos, Natalia takes an observing po-
sition as well as a curious maternal


Natalia Kepesz was born and raised in Poland. She lives and works in Berlin. After graduating in cultural studies and art history at Humboldt University Berlin, she is now studying photography at Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie in Berlin. Kepesz uses photography as a means of self-expression – she takes pictures for herself, to identify with hidden qualities of her character, to better understand
her reality, and to interpret the world around her. Kepesz was a C/O Berlin 
Talent Award 2020 nominee, shortlisted for Athens Photo Festival 2020 and won third place in the Muenzenberg Art Competition 2020 in Berlin.

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