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Rabea Edel 

blind spots

“Inside each human eye there is a blind spot where the retina meets the optic nerve. This area is insensitive to light, it receives no visual information. A blind spot about the size of an orange held at an arm’s length. And yet, we do not walk around with holes in our visions”, writes the novelist Siri Hustvedt. Somehow the absence is filled. There are arguments whether one sees the world directly or as an inwardly generated world. Repetitions become patterns become predictions. Sometimes they fail. Everyone knows the moment when the familiar is suddenly rendered strange, a blind spot to fill or cover.

Last year not only did the world not resemble the one we thought we knew anymore, it also offered us grief and uncertainty. The grandmother of Rabea’s daughter had a lot to miss during the lockdown – public swimming pools, traveling, physical contact. Beside the grief about the new way of living, she was mourning the loss of her husband, who died a few weeks earlier. Blind Spots combines photos from the lockdown at her home with those from the family’s archive, taken by her daughter’s late grandfather, altered by Rabea, to fill the blind spots everyone suddenly could see and feel.

Rabea Edel, born in 1982, is a freelance photographer and award-winning novelist based in Berlin, Germany.

In 2021 she will graduate from Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie. She participated in several artist residencies abroad, for example at the Goethe-Institut Beijing, the German Academy Rome / Casa Baldi and was selected for the Roger Ballen Masterclass. In her artistic work Edel often deals with the topic of motherhood, using documentary and autofictional strategies.

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