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Robert Gemming 

The Flâneur

Angela Merkel speaks to the nation. Lockdown. The smoldering fear that has built up in the last few weeks, days and hours, has reached its preliminary climax in the daily report of the Robert-Koch-Institute. Now, it implodes and explodes at the same time. It is quiet, the window is still open from the acoustic declarations of respect every evening, now you cannot hear anything. Really nothing. On this evening Berlin finally turns into a ghost town. Only those who qualify all of a sudden as „essential workforce“ still come out regularly, get into empty subways, being observed and avoided by the few people outside. Once on site, next to small thank-you-notes on supermarket doors, they see almost the opposite scene: people crowd close to shelves of toilet paper, heave boxes of long-life milk, flour and noodles into their shopping trolleys, wear everything imaginable as mouth and nose protection, and a look into their eyes shows one thing: nobody knows what will happen or how long we all have to stay at home, in this silence.

Robert Gemming, born in 1981 in Neustadt an der Weinstraße, Germany is a Berlin-based photographer, studying in his final year in the class of Prof. Linn Schröder at Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie. In his work, Gemming focuses on reportage, editorial and art photography as well as on creating and editing narratives for other photographers. His work was published and displayed in Berlin and Milan, Italy among other places.

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